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Japanese Hi-Tech Craft
Made in Japan- Top craft around world
Japanese high-tech production techniques and sewing technique is recognized as the world's high-quality products index.
Re Young corsets all made by Japan, fine produced using strict division of the way different parts of sub-station production, every component technicians are long-term training and pass a rigorous exam, each technician is only responsible for the production of a component, and each component will have a person
responsible for the production of complete quality inspection, in order
to achieve perfection every part of excellence.
Before producted, the technician who has more than 10 years professional experiences use laser cutting product parts by using computer ergonomics plate and combine to form the perfect size, and then combined by the technician in accordance with the process, and ultimately achieve the perfect shape corset for the benefit of all female!
Needle detector
Needle detector can be used to detect hidden in the whole sewn products (including zippers, hooks, etc.) of the needle and other iron debris; and to ensure that the whole sewn product is without harm human ferromagnetic products