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Group Overview
The Headquarter of R & Y International Company Ltd is situated at prosperous eastern Business Centre of Taipei City, Taiwan. At present, apart from the production line is established at Japan. The group of R & Y International has branches at Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, China (China includes Shanghai, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Changsha, Liuyang, Xi An, Beijing, Qingdao, Nanchang, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Macau ….. Operation Centers or Marketing Base), and Australia Distributor. Business’s Point of Sales are distributed in Europe, such as Spain and France. The group specializes in selling Functional Lingerie with the Brand Name of Re Young and Ayako and together with Big Health Industry under top 10 series. Professional design, meticulous production and comprehensive marketing channels have been developed. We are being known as the founder of Functional Lingerie Kingdom in Asia Pacific. We disseminate the “Concept of Pink Ribbon” voluntarily and committed to Big Health Industry.
Over 30 Years of experience, R & Y Groups uphold the concept to let every lady repossess a curvaceous figure in a healthy way. Marketing strategy is according to marketing demand to provide comprehensive sales technique to meet customer needs. Experienced Sales Team and high production technology to provide excellent sales services to customers. A triple win could be achieved for Delighting Marketing with healthy products, professional advisory and comprehensive customer service.
Re Young Group Vision
High quality Functional Lingerie are expanding into the global market. With healthy, beauty and confidence to change the world,
Re Young Culture
Re Young Mission: Healthy Project, Beautiful Life
Healthy: Starting Capacity, Potential. Peace of mind, Satisfaction, Cheerful
Project: Professional Technique, Specialization in production, Professional Experience, Accumulation.
Beauty: Inner and Outer Beauty (Grateful); Elegance, Connotation, Morality
Life: Talent (nurture and being nurtured); Bounce back, Moving Forward, Pass On
Re Young Philosophy
4 Peaceful: Peace of mind, Shelter, Settle down, Career
4 Needs: Need, Want, Capable and Requisite
4 Things: Overcome it, Accept it, Deal with it, Let it go
4 Senses: Influence, Touching, Grateful, Appreciation
4 Blessings: Knowing, Cherishing, Nurture Blessings and Cultivating
Core Values of Re Young
Professional Talents: Morality, Professional, Performance
Products: Health, Features, Meticulous
Philosophy of Life: Appreciation, Reciprocation, Sharing